Teen Biotech challenge

......a science competition for Northern california teens

2014 Teen Biotech Challenge Winners

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Revekka Kostoeva   Website  & Jing-Yi Lin   Website



Agricultural Biotechnology


1st Place Winner: Ryan La, Tim Derebinsky, and Edrees Yaqubi, "Genetically Modified Crops: Nature Improved and Accelerated " (Sheldon HS)   Website    

2nd Place Winner: Insu Jung, "Agricultural Biotechnology: Marker Assisted Selection " (Sheldon HS)   Website   


3rd Place Winner: Gabrielle Jee and Maria Maguire , "Biopesticides: Nature's Pest Control " (Davis HS)    Website   

Honorable Mention Winner: Melissa Teuber, "GM Mosquitos: Manipulating a Corner of the Ecosystem to Halt the Transmission of Malaria " (Davis HS)        Website   

Honorable Mention Winner: Rushali Manhas, "The Impact of Biotechnology on Animals: A Journey Through the Lives of Animals and How They Benefit Humans… (Sheldon HS)    Website 



Computational & Systems Biology


1st Place Winner: Jing-Yi Lin, "Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies" (Sheldon HS)     Website   

2nd Place Winner: Cindy Truong, "Epidemiology: Disease Detectives" (Sheldon HS)    Website  

3rd Place Winner: Monica Nasseri, "The Application of Metabolic Pathways in Biotechnology" (Sheldon HS)    Website  

Honorable Mention Winner: Dylan Santana, "Comparative Genomics" (Christian Brothers HS)  Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: Brittney Barron and Taylor Skala, "What Makes Us Human?" (El Camino HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Vincent DeJesus and Bianca Cortez, "Model of Biology" (Rodriguez HS)  Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: Kevin Kicin, "The Systems of Bioinformatics" (Sheldon HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Dandel Sison and Joshua Pambid, "Comparative Genomics: What Makes Us Human?" (Vallejo HS)    Website

Drug Discovery & Biomanufacturing


1st Place Winner: Yimin Yang and Siruo Zhang , "The Amazing World of Biologic Drugs" (Davis HS)     Website   

2nd Place Winner: Matthew Paterno, "Protein Therapeutics Drug Discovery" (Inderkum HS)     Website  

3rd Place Winner (Tie): LC Perez Shorter, "Antiretroviral Therapy" (Christian Brothers HS)     Website  

3rd Place Winner (Tie): Danielle Baldwin, "Solving Some of the World's Most Challenging Diseases" (Sheldon HS)     Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: Gurmun Singh, "Gene Therapy: A Medical Revolution" (Sheldon HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Aldrin Catap, Michelle Smith and Catherine Jovez , "Genetically Modified Antibiotics" (Vallejo HS)    Website  


Environmental Biotechnology


1st Place Winner: Angad Singh and Gregg Borden, "A Bright Future With Biofuels" (Sheldon HS)  Website   

2nd Place Winner (TIE): Nathan Lemus, "Bioremediation" (Sheldon HS)   Website   


2nd Place Winner (TIE): Rachel Wolff, "Defying Climate Change" (Sheldon HS)   Website

3rd Place Winner (TIE): Ian Logan, James Omand, and Tyler Perata, "Biodiesel, the Fuel of the Future" (El Camino HS)    Website 


3rd Place Winner (TIE): Holly Martin, "Biofiltration: Stopping Pollution, the Natural Way " (Christian Brothers HS)    Website 

Honorable Mention Winner: Julianna Guerrero, "Breaking Down Bioplastics: A Greener, Cleaner Earth " (Christian Brothers HS)    Website   





1st Place Winner: Revekka Kostoeva, "Nanomedicine: A Seemingly Small Yet Promising Future" (Sheldon HS)  Website   

2nd Place Winner (TIE): Maya Varma, "Liposomes: Drug Delivery Vehicles of the Future" (Presentation HS)   Website   


2nd Place Winner (TIE): Audrey Cheng, "Carbon Nanotubes" (Gunn HS)   Website

3rd Place Winner: Maya Holikatti, "Nanomedicine: Nanobiopharmaceutics" (Mira Loma HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Natalie York, Hannah Twomey and Elle Harlow, "Biomimetics: Design By Nature" (El Camino HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Jennifer Park and Hyemin Yoo, "Nanobiopharmaceutics" (Davis HS)    Website   


Honorable Mention Winner: Josh Cruz, Dominique Elayda and Olivia Devera, "Biomimetics: Nature's Inspiration" (American Canyon HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Jacob Roberts, "Nanotechnology" (Sheldon HS)    Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: Lyna Khuu, "Molecular Medical Imaging: Capturing the Image of the Future " (Sheldon HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention Winner: Emmett Ryan, "Nanotechnology" (Sheldon HS)    Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: John Ednilao and Daniel Salinas, "DNA Sequencing" (Vallejo HS)    Website



Personal Genomics & Human Health


1st Place Winner: Minh Nguyen and Jesse Slaton, "Epigenetics At A Glance" (Sheldon HS)    Website   


2nd Place Winner: Amanda Nguyen and Duc (David) Nguyen, "The Future of Neuroscience" (Sheldon HS)    Website 

3rd Place Winner: Christina Yoakam, "Designer Babies: Where Genetic Testing Prevents Diseases" (Sheldon HS)    Website   

Honorable Mention: Jenny Wu, "Cloning: We're Already Doing It" (Sheldon HS)    Website 


Honorable Mention: Rachel Kan, "Future of Forensics" (Sheldon HS)    Website  


Honorable Mention: Arshdeep Chauhan, "Gene Therapy: Revolution of Medicine" (Sheldon HS)    Website 


Honorable Mention: Rajdeep Narwal, "Genetic Testing" (Inderkum HS)    Website 



Regenerative Medicine


1st Place Winner: Joni Yang and Melanie Sou, "Regenerative Medicine: A Revolutionary Approach to the Future of Medicine" (Sheldon HS)     Website   

2nd Place Winner: Hailey Farrell, "Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Healing" (Sheldon HS)     Website   

3rd Place Winner (TIE): Yuexin Xiang and Van Hsieh, "Stem Cell: The Cure For the Future" (Davis HS)     Website 


3rd Place Winner (TIE): Ciara Ayers, "Beginning to an End: The Advancements of Stem Cell Research with Regenerative Medicine" (American Canyon HS)     Website 


Honorable Mention Winner: Karla Bernardo, "The Walking On Sunshine Project: A Quest to Have Spinal Cord Injury Patients Walking Again" (Christian Brothers HS)     Website  

Honorable Mention Winner: Jane Wanyera, "Stem Cells and Tomorrow's Human" (Davis HS)    Website


Honorable Mention Winner: Raiza Balancio and Brandon Balatbat, "The Future of Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cells" (Rodriguez HS)     Website  

Honorable Mention Winner: Rg Noymie Legaspi, Wing Yan Chiu and Andrea Arguel , "Regenerative Medicine: Artificial Organs & Artificial Limbs" (Vallejo HS)    Website



CIRM Scholarship Awardees


  • Ciara Ayers, American Canyon HS
  • Chetanjot Bhatti, Sheldon HS
  • Tim Derebenskiy, Sheldon HS
  • Maria Maquire, Davis Sr. HS
  • Rushali Manhas, Sheldon HS
  • David (Duc) Nguyen, Sheldon HS
  • Matt Paterno, Inderkum HS
  • Anabela Peralta, American Canyon HS
  • Cindy Truong, Sheldon HS
  • Jane Wanyera, Davis Sr. HS